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Booking Express Travel members love the town of Loreto, located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur on the coast of The Gulf of California.

Jesuit missionaries founded the town over a spring of fresh water, where today lays the (“Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto”). Far from being a resort town, it would be better described as a Mexican beach village on a developing stage.

Booking Express Travel Takes You To A Hidden Jewel, Loreto, Mexico

There are many attractions in the area; Loreto has a reputation as an excellent sport fishing location; In the “La Giganta” mountain range (“Sierra de la Giganta”), there are cave paintings from the indigenous groups of Baja California, some of them have been added to UNESCO´s list of world heritage sites.

Booking Express Travels Takes You To A Hidden Jewel, Loreto, Mexico.2

And further up the sierra is the small town of San Javier, where the essential Mission of Saint Francis Xavier (Misión de San Francisco Javier) is located.

Booking Express Travel members have stated that the best time to visit Loreto is in late winter-early spring. Temperature and humidity rise quite noticeably in summer; high temperatures can reach 112ºF. There are several lodging options, from small convenience Inns to big resorts, the last being a recent addition.

Booking Express Travels Takes You To A Hidden Jewel, Loreto, Mexico. 4

About half of the resorts are located beachfront. Still, when staying at one that is not, there are several beach options, such as Nopoló, Juncalito, Ensenada Blanca, Agua Verde & San Bruno. Our members recommend renting a car when visiting Loreto, as most beaches and other attractions are out of the downtown area.

Regarding food, Loreto´s culinary side is simple yet exquisite; based on fresh seafood, their signature dish is (“Almejaschocolatastatemadas,”) Delicious chocolate clams buried in a gravel covered with local dry bushes that are set on fire.

Booking Express Travels Takes You To A Hidden Jewel, Loreto, Mexico. 5

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