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Staying safe in 2021 is more vital than ever, especially when traveling. There are many things to consider when traveling this year, and beyond following the new COVID-19 restrictions, Booking Express Travel knows other standard safety measures may get forgotten. Always having its members’ best interests in mind, Booking Express Travel has developed a list of some overlooked top safety tips.

Be Aware Of Surroundings

It’s easy to get disoriented and sometimes even lost when in an unfamiliar place. Booking Express Travel recommends taking a detailed map and using a camera to document where essential places are, such as the hotel, restaurants, landmarks, and even public safety buildings. After ensuring the locations are still open, having a visual guide will help identify destinations. Stopping and trying to figure out directions when lost can make travelers easy targets, as this is when most people are not alert to people around them.

tourist using a map by Booking Express Travel

Pack Emergency Supplies

No one plans on being stranded, whether it’s when going for a sightseeing drive, a hike in the wilderness, or just having a flight delay. With so many store closures and redefined accessibility in 2021, Booking Express Travel encourages travelers to pack water, protein bars, extra clothes, and a basic first aid kit for most outings. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances can stop a bad situation from becoming worse.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted vacationers tend to be easy targets for thieves and scam artists. Booking Express Travel advises travelers to be mindful when stopping to use cell phones. Being aware of your surroundings at all times is a crucial component to staying safe. Searching for items in purses and bags, particularly in areas that seem mostly deserted or when it’s getting dark outside, is also not recommended. Criminals are less likely to strike when their targets are alert. Many scam artists use distraction as an opportunity to tag team victims as well. One will draw in a crowd and be the distraction, while the other will take the chance to pickpocket or grab purses and bags.

In Case Of Emergency

In Case of Emergency, contact numbers should always be in everyone’s phones and wallets. This rule is real, whether on vacation or just out and about doing errands in your home town. Law enforcement and emergency responders should be able to locate them readily if the need arises. Booking Express Travel hopes that no one ever needs to make use of these emergency contacts, but accidents do happen. Listing medications and any medical issues such as allergies in the same place is also highly recommended.

Booking Express Travel wishes the safest travels for its members and all travelers.

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