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Booking Express Travel suggests visiting Jersey City is the embarkation point for your many adventures.

Nestled between major metropolitan areas on every side, Jersey City is the center point for all destinations in this northeast region. New York City and Manhattan define the skylines to the east of the city, and Lady Liberty casts a protective shadow from her pedestal in the bay to the southeast. Jersey City is a base camp for travelers that don’t want the hassle and expense of the hustle in New York.

Jersey City offers convenience and value to see all that the region has to offer. Booking Express Travel finds it much less expensive and affordable.

The nightlife in Jersey City explodes every evening, providing a local experience that you won’t have to qualify for a loan to afford.
If you would like to leave the nightlife to others, there are numerous historical sights in and around the city ready to walk you through the timeline of America’s history. The mix of culture throughout the city brings people from every walk of life, country, and profession together, creating the first stop to the untold millions of people that have defined the United States as the melting pot. Take a tour through just a few of the famous locations described below, and you will see why Jersey City is the perfect place to welcome people from all over the world.

Ellis Island

Between the years of 1892 and 1954, more than 10 million immigrants were welcomed to the United States through this small island off the Jersey shore. While most of these travelers would have seen Lady Liberty or the Manhattan skyline first, it was here on Ellis Island where they were officially welcomed to start their new lives in the land of opportunity. Walk-in their footsteps and feel the hope they may have felt. Search for evidence of your ancestors in The American Family Immigration History Center.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum in Ellis Island presented by Booking Express Travel

Liberty State Park

While many symbols of America define the culture, history, and power of this great land, Lady Liberty is one of the most iconic. No trip to Jersey City is complete without seeing this fantastic statue up close. She is easy enough to view from the green grassy hills of Liberty State Park on the Jersey shore, but nothing will compare to the magnificent view while standing at the statue’s base.

Booking Express Travel suggests to take the ferry lines from Liberty State Park are significantly shorter than the tracks from New York City, and the ride is also shorter. Lady Liberty stands less than a half-mile from the Jersey shore.

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