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Booking Express Travel, a top-of-the-line vacation provider, offers travelers the chance to experience some of the best vacation memories they have in their lifetime.

Booking Express Travel every traveler should think carefully about which vacation destination they should spend time with their family, especially since your decision has to be one that will make everyone happy.


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Consider California as a top choice, especially the area of Palm Springs. The sunny weather is indeed a draw for the thousands of visitors that flock here each year, but there’s much more to this area than fantastic weather. Here are some of Booking Express Travel favorite things to do in the area.

Booking Express Travel suggests that Palm Springs might be the best place to do so for all those out there hoping to rub elbows with the rich and famous.

This scenic area might be distant relative to Hollywood’s bigger and brighter town. The truth is this area is home to many celebrities, and those who visit can even spend time at the Palm Springs walk of fame as well.

Even though home to many wealthy celebrities, this is one vacation destination that Booking Express Travel knows doesn’t have to break the bank.

The area is home to many free fun things to do. Villagefest takes place every Thursday, and famous Palm Canyon Drive becomes a family-friendly old-fashion street fair with arts and crafts, food, and music.


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And for all those who love the scenery, another free activity to consider is taking a hike with the Coachella valley hiking club or riding your bike along the trails.

Southern California is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery out there and some of the tallest mountain ranges, perfect for spending time exploring with your family.

Booking Express Travel offers the best one-on-one concierge service that members have come to rely on when booking their next vacation. Keep Primo in mind for service and the best prices.

With Booking Express you always get the best service with staff that cares about your vacation experience.

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