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Booking Express Travel, a leading luxury vacation package provider, is pleased to recommend that all travelers plan a getaway to Palm Springs, California. This gem is perfect year-round and very popular with all the Hollywood celebrities, so plan your next vacation with the stars this season.

Palm Springs, California, has a storied history. Booking Express Travel recommends learning all about the city’s fascinating past by visiting the many historical and cultural museums around the city. Start with the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum located in downtown Palm Springs. Admission is free, and here, travelers can learn about the first inhabitants of Palm Springs, the Cahuilla Indians.

The Cahuilla has lived in the area for thousands of years. Their rock art, house pits, and irrigation canals are still visible in the canyons around the area.

Palm Springs provided by Booking Express Travel

Many Hollywood celebrities made Palm Springs their home. Some of the more notable ones were: Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Lucille Ball. Years later, the famous entertainer Sonny Bono, of Sonny and Cher, became the mayor of Palm Springs and was instrumental in securing the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Visitors to Palm Springs, California, will be walking in the steps of many famous Hollywood celebrities.

Booking Express Travel knows that Palm Springs, California, has it all. Not far from the beach and the hustle and bustle of teaming metropolises like Los Angeles and San Diego, visitors who want to take in that kind of excitement will be delighted.

For something a little calmer, visitors can enjoy the hot springs nearby. Adventurers can hike the canyons and see the remains of the Cahuilla Indians who once lived there.

So close to the Cabazon Malls, a great big outdoor luxury shopping factory outlet mall with designer clothes at super low prices. Palm Springs has so much to do and see you can see why people make it there home. Enjoy life and enjoy vacations; life is short, have some fun, and live life for today, Booking Express Travel makes all your vacation dreams come true.

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