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Booking Express Travel understands that Mexico is a great tourist destination, and being one of the most attractive destination countries in the world, it has a lot of fun and activities that keep the tourists coming back year after year.

As a tourist, there are things you must do in Mexico to make your vacation complete. All these can be arranged for you by Booking Express Travel.

Taking a Walk on the Beach

Walking on the white sandy beaches is one experience you should have as a while on vacation in Mexico’s best beach destinations. The beaches are a significant attraction to the country together with various sites; having that long peaceful walk on the beach can be both therapeutic and healthy at the same time. Something about getting your mind to drift away and enjoy the beautiful views and feel that warm sand between your toes.

Tropical sunny beach Booking Express Travel

Dancing to the Mexican Music

Mexican music is relaxing, and dancing to it can make your vacation one remember.
Taking Part in Cultural Festivals

They are one of the memorable events you should take part in. Mexican culture is diverse, and you should plan your vacation when one of the festivals is taking place.


There are many water sports which you can take part in, such as kayaking, snorkeling and diving, sports fishing, surfing, scuba diving, and other water sports. Participating in any of these sports will make your vacation complete. Destinations like Cancun offer some of the finest if not best living coral reefs in the world. Take advantage of this while you can.

Surf school. Water sports,

Taking a Cultural Tour of Mexico City

Why not at the end of your vacation in Cancun or Cabo, take a three day trip to Mexico City. The city is endowed with museums that have exciting exhibitions such as the National History Museum at the Chapultepec Castle, monuments, traditional buildings, and cultural centers. They give you a reason not to miss to tour the city.

Taking a Cultural Tour of Mexico City

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