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Booking Express Travel loves to explore Idaho’s natural scenery as it is a sight to behold. Nicknamed as the Gem State of America, Idaho is indeed a gem as far as holiday destinations are concerned.

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The beautiful land of Idaho offers plenty of attractions and activities for tourists and travelers of all kinds, plus the travelers even have a wide range of accommodation options in Idaho. Located in Blackfoot, Idaho Potato Expo is one of its top attractions that showcase the most famous products of Idaho, Potatoes.

Booking Express Travel members recommend tourists holidaying in Idaho, to enjoy a healing dip in the Lava Hot Springs of Idaho, used by the Indians as healing waters for many centuries. The Olympic Swimming Complex and the Sunken Gardens can be the most fun part of this destination during your Idaho Holiday.

The family vacationers can also enjoy a tour of Idaho’s Museum of Natural History, which depicts the cultural and historical background of the locals of Idaho. The two most popular exhibits in the museum are the Nature of Idaho and Fichter Gallery; these museums offer something for everybody.

Booking Express Travel suggests that the unique Shoshone Ice Caves with ice floor 365 days a year allures the people to this world-famous attraction of Idaho. One of the prominent features of the Snake River, the Shoshone Falls from where the water plunges 212 feet deep, offers a spectacular view of Idaho’s natural wonders.

The famous Crater of the Moon National Monument has a wide variety of volcanic features for you to marvel at like cinder cones, volcanic rifts, lava tubes, and spatter cones.

The Craters of Moon and National Monument by Booking Express Travel

Some of the exciting activities that you can enjoy there aside from learning about volcanic activities are bird watching, hiking, photography, and caving.

Booking Express Travel members know that Idaho’s top attractions are displays of nature’s most stunning vistas, immense canyons, serene mountain lakes, and enjoying a backpacking excursion is a perfect way to experience it all.

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